Daily Bulletin

El Dorado Springs High School Bulletin for Thursday, August 21, 2014


Pizza or Corn Dog each with baby carrots w/dip, caesar side salad, apple, fresh fruit and milk OR Popcorn Chicken Salad.



August 22 Varsity Football vs. Stockton (T) 7:00 Cedar County Bowl
August 25 JV Softball @ Walnut Grove 4:30
August 25 JV Football vs. Stockton (H) 6:00
August 26 JV/V Softball vs. Monterose (H) 4:30
August 26 JV/V Volleyball vs. Butler (T) 6:00
August 28 JV/V Softball vs. Buffalo (H) 5:00
August 28 9th/JV/V Volleyball vs. Carthage (H) 6:00
August 29 JV/V Cross Country @ Strafford
September 1 Labor Day! NO SCHOOL!!!


* Class Organizational Meetings Wednesday, August 27th during advisory.

* Club Sign-Ups September 3rd - 5th, before school on the balcony.

* This year's fall play will be a drama called The Lost Boy. If you are interested in acting or serving on the crew, check out the callboard outside of Mrs. Smith's room. All signups are due by August 28.

* Junior Class has a meeting with the magazine sales rep on Wednesday, September 10th during Advisory in the library.

* There is a sign-up on the callboard for speech and theatre workshops that are Saturday, September 6 at MSU. There are workshops related to both speech team and play productions. Drama Club members will get to go free, but be sure to sign up and pay this year's club dues by Friday, August 29.

* STUDENTS: If you go to the cafeteria you MUST stay there to eat your lunch, you are NOT allowed to bring trays back to a classroom! You cannot have food or drinks delivered to the school! If you have permission from a teacher to eat in their classroom you MUST bring a lunch from home and stay in that classroom under the teachers supervision.

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