Daily Bulletin

El Dorado Springs Middle School Bulletin for Monday, September 21, 2020

Frito pie
Popcorn chicken sandwich
Chicken Caesar salad
Sides: fresh garden salad, green bean salad, chilled fruit, and milk

Students, several of you have not turned in your eMints/Media User Agreement; I need them signed by the parent and returned to the office immediately; if not turned in you will not be able to use the computers and have to do your work on paper. Here is the list: Zaid Collins.

September 22 - CC@Stockton
September 22 - MSFB@Home Buffalo 5:30 pm
September 22 - MSVB@Home Bolivar 5:30 pm
September 24 - MSVB@Butler 5:30 pm
September 25 - Mid Quarter
September 26 - CC@Hermitage
September 28 - MSVB@Osceola TBA
September 29 - CC@Lamar
September 29 - MSFB@Home Stockton 5;30 pm
September 29 - MSVB@Stockton 5:30 pm.

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